Is Azula Jealous Of Ty Lee?

Is Azula jealous?

7 Azula Was Always Jealous Of Her When her friend begins weeping, Azula uncharacteristically apologizes to her, suggesting that she may have been jealous.

This moment is one of the few warm ones involving Azula, which is saying something..

Who did Azula have a crush on?

ChanChan is the only character that Azula is ever shown to have any sort of a crush on even though he’s a minor character who only features in one episode. While these two do share a kiss, it’s clear that Chan isn’t tough enough to handle Azula.

Is Azula a schizophrenic?

After her defeat, it is revealed in the graphic novel The Promise that she was admitted into a mental institution in the Fire Nation due to her deranged mental state, possibly suffering from schizophrenia. Both in the series and the comics, she is shown to be disturbed by frequent hallucinations of her mother.

Does Azula ever turn good?

No. At least, in terms of canon, she does not turn good. Azula plays a big role in the comic book The Search. She helps Zuko find his mother.

Was Ty Lee scared of Azula?

Ty Lee’s loyalty is driven by fear, as shown in several instances, from the time Azula visited her in the circus to her jumping in the sludge while they were drilling the walls of Ba Sing Se, etc. Even in the comic books that followed the series, Ty Lee admits that she’s still afraid of Azula.

Was Ty Lee a Firebender?

If you look closely at Ty Lee, you’ll notice she’s got grey eyes just like Aang. Ty Lee is an Airbender. She just hides her ability from everyone else.

Who did Azula kiss?

ChanAzula and Chan shared a kiss at his beach party. Chan and Azula had only a brief relationship. Upon arriving at Chan’s party, Azula gave him a surprisingly long and confusing compliment on his suit which Chan seemed to find odd. Nonetheless, the two later shared a romantic evening while stargazing on Chan’s porch.

Why did Azula go crazy?

Azula realized that by destroying her friends she was destroying her power. She couldn’t be strong on her own and rely on herself. She relied on the people she controlled for her power, and in her anger she threw that all away. And that’s where the insanity kicked in.

Is Azula dead?

“Azula died young, but she died fighting, never abandoning her quest to become Fire Lord. Zuko’s ability to redirect lightning gnawed at her over time, and she attempted to learn the technique herself with disastrous results. But she gained some satisfaction in her last moments, because she took herself out.

Is Pema Ty Lee’s daughter?

Pema is Ty Lee’s daughter.

How did Sokka die?

As frustrating as it is, the general consensus is that Sokka died of old age and natural causes between age 70 and 85. We first even learn about Sokka’s fate in the series sequel, The Legend of Korra (which you can watch on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play), when Katara says that he’s passed away.

How does Azula die?

Her initial plan of luring back her two dissident family members was thwarted by her own ship’s captain, who accidentally addressed Zuko and Iroh as prisoners. In the ensuing skirmish, Azula was thrown overboard, allowing her brother and uncle to escape.

Does Azula care about Ty Lee?

From some of her interactions with them such as her genuine smile when Ty Lee hugged her, her laughing with Mai, her apologising to Ty Lee after she said she was a tease and looking worried during her emotionnal response after Zuko called her a circus freak, and her being very hurt by their betrayal Azula sincerely …

Does Azula go crazy?

Azula didn’t go insane, she was going through a mental breakdown. Her breakdown was most likely caused by realizing that her father had betrayed her, not her friends. … When Mai and Ty Lee betray her, it plants a small seed in her head that her father might be lying to her. This is the beginning of her mental breakdown.

Does Azula have a child?

After her great achievements, Azula settled down and got married to a quite old nobleman named Yin Lee. She gave birth to two children, Chen and Mitsuki.

Is Ty Lee evil?

They weren’t evil. They were very good friends, growing up in a society where they are told they are the best, and most of the things that they do are righteous and true. With hindsight, they saw that their good friend, Azula, is a sociopath and utterly unstable.

Why did Tai betray Azula?

The motivation for betraying Azula is Mai and Ty Lee’s love for each other and their love interests (Zuko and Sokka) which is stronger than their fear of Azula. she realized Azula had bad intentions to hurt her friends and wouldn’t hesitate to hurt her as well and the fact that Azula needs serious help.

How old is Azula in Korra?

14Azula. That’s right, Azula is only 14 throughout the entire series, which might be surprising to some. This also means there’s a two year age difference between her and older brother Zuko.

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