Quick Answer: Is Azula Annoying?

Is Azula dead?

“Azula died young, but she died fighting, never abandoning her quest to become Fire Lord.

Zuko’s ability to redirect lightning gnawed at her over time, and she attempted to learn the technique herself with disastrous results.

But she gained some satisfaction in her last moments, because she took herself out..

Is Zuko depressed?

Zuko, throughout the series, has depression. He has serious issues with anger and is also trying to shoe-horn himself into what his Father wants from him, hoping if he changes himself he can be accepted by his sister and dad.

Why did Azula go crazy?

Azula realized that by destroying her friends she was destroying her power. She couldn’t be strong on her own and rely on herself. She relied on the people she controlled for her power, and in her anger she threw that all away. And that’s where the insanity kicked in.

Does Azula have a child?

After her great achievements, Azula settled down and got married to a quite old nobleman named Yin Lee. She gave birth to two children, Chen and Mitsuki.

Is Azula a bad character?

Though Azula essentially professes to being evil, she also sees a large part of that as justified in accomplishing the Fire Nation’s goals. She’s evil because she will not be weak. She will not be her grandfather or her mother or her brother. She’s just power-hungry, in the end.

Is Azula dead in Korra?

Azula’s death is never shown or mentioned. At the end of Avatar, her last scene is defeated sobbing at the feet of Zuko and Katara.

Is it bad to like Azula?

Azula is a complex character, she is not a good person, but she is not a totally bad person either. In her first appearances on the program she is shown as a sociopath, cold and megalomaniac. … But Azula was probably indoctrinated by Ozai since she was a child, so she would always put power before feelings.

Does Azula care about anyone?

I think Azula actually does care about Zuko, at least as much as she is capable of caring about anyone. Azula shows many signs of sociopathy and probably wouldn’t feel sad if Zuko died, but she does seem to have a sort of selfish feeling of possession towards him, in the same way that she “cares” about Ty Lee and Mai.

Was Azula schizophrenic?

After her defeat, it is revealed in the graphic novel The Promise that she was admitted into a mental institution in the Fire Nation due to her deranged mental state, possibly suffering from schizophrenia. Both in the series and the comics, she is shown to be disturbed by frequent hallucinations of her mother.

Why Azula is the best villain ever?

Azula is ALL about personality. She’s ruthless, strategic, rational and manipulative, which are all qualities a good villain should have. On top of that, she has her every-day personality, which was explored during the Island episode.

Is Azula still alive in Korra?

Originally Answered: Is Azula still alive in the Legend of Korra? No idea. She could be as she’s younger than Zuko, and he was still around.

Does Zuko die?

toph and sokka have an unknown status. I saw lin crying and then toph’s statue. She may have died a violent death. … Katara, Zuko, and Toph are the only alive characters in TLOK that are originally from ATLA, Iroh and Sokka are confirmed to be dead, and Azula and Ozai are most likely dead.

Is Azula manipulative?

Azula is a great example of a complex and terrifying villain. She’s talented in firebending and combat, her strategies are impressive and effective, and she’s a master of manipulation.

Is Azula still crazy?

This was also a major blow. Both of these combined destroyed her mental state and was basically why she had the mental breakdown in the series finale. Azula didn’t go insane, she was going through a mental breakdown. Her breakdown was most likely caused by realizing that her father had betrayed her, not her friends.

Who did Azula kiss?

ChanAzula and Chan shared a kiss at his beach party. Chan and Azula had only a brief relationship. Upon arriving at Chan’s party, Azula gave him a surprisingly long and confusing compliment on his suit which Chan seemed to find odd. Nonetheless, the two later shared a romantic evening while stargazing on Chan’s porch.

Did Azula kill her mom?

The Mother of Faces says that Ursa had visited her years ago to receive a new face, which she reveals to be that of Noriko. Realising that Noriko is really Ursa, Azula leaves to kill her, with Zuko and Sokka following her.

Does Azula love anyone?

Azula doesn’t love anyone.

Is Azula smart?

He’s also really witty and clever, which gives him some bonus points. But Azula is still smarter. She is a master manipulator, tactician, firebender, and lightning-bender, and is a better strategist than Sokka.

Why do people like Azula so much?

Azula is really great because of bending, personality, backstory, and breakdown. Bending – In terms of fire bending she is very easily one of the most visually stunning bending from her movement to her blue fire or her lighting. She uses her fighting in such interesting ways.

How did Azula died?

During their skirmish, Azula nearly fell to her death after slipping from the airship, but was able to stop her descent by using her hairpin as an anchor in the cliff wall. Despite having failed to eliminate both Zuko and Aang, she smiled as the Avatar and his friends escaped the temple.

Did Azula kill Suki?

I am a warrior, but I’m a girl too. Suki was the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors of the Earth Kingdom’s Kyoshi Island. … During their journey, she protected the Avatar’s lost sky bison, Appa, from falling into the enemy’s hands, but she and the other Kyoshi Warriors were defeated by Princess Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee.

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