What Are The 3 Layers Of Rock?

Which rock layer is the oldest?

bottom layerThe bottom layer of rock forms first, which means it is oldest.

Each layer above that is younger, and the top layer is youngest of all.

This ordering is relative because you cannot be sure exactly when each layer formed, only that each layer is younger then the one below it..

What are the layers of a rock?

Rock layers are also called strata (the plural form of the Latin word stratum), and stratigraphy is the science of strata.

What are the 4 layers of rock?

The Earth’s Layers Lesson #1The Four Layers.The Crust.The Mantle.Convection Currents.Outer Core.Inner Core.

What are the 5 types of rock?

Rocks: Igneous, Metamorphic and SedimentaryAndesite.Basalt.Dacite.Diabase.Diorite.Gabbro.Granite.Obsidian.More items…