What Is A Foliation?

What causes Schistosity?

Schistosity, mode of foliation that occurs in certain metamorphic rocks as a consequence of the parallel alignment of platy and lath-shaped mineral constituents.

It reflects a considerable intensity of metamorphism—i.e., changes resulting from high temperatures, pressures, and deformation..

What is lineation and foliation?

Foliation is the result of the parallel arrangement of (micas, etc.) in a plane perpendicular to the maximum principal applied stress. A lineation is caused by a similar growth of elongate minerals (eg. … Slate, schist, and gneiss are three common foliated metamorphic rocks.

What is another word for foliated?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for foliation, like: foliage, leafing, flakiness, frondage, lamellation, leafiness, lineation, clasts and plaquettes.

What is a foliation in geology?

(Foliated means the parallel arrangement of certain mineral grains that gives the rock a striped appearance.) Foliation forms when pressure squeezes the flat or elongate minerals within a rock so they become aligned.

What is foliation and what causes it?

Foliation is caused by the re-alignment of minerals when they are subjected to high pressure and temperature. Individual minerals align themselves perpendicular to the stress field such that their long axes are in the direction of these planes (which may look like the cleavage planes of minerals).

What does foliated mean?

1 : composed of or separable into layers a foliated rock. 2 : ornamented with foils or a leaf design.

What is metamorphic grade quizlet?

Metamorphic grade is the degree to which a rock has undergone metamorphic change or how much a metamorphic rock differs from the parent rock. It is determined by the increase in pressure and temperature that the parent rock has undergone. … It has a high temp resistance, high tensile strength and flexibility.

What is foliation quizlet?

Foliation. An arrangement of minerals in flat or wavy parallel bands. Gneissic Texture. A texture of metamorphic rock in which dark and light silicates are separated, giving a rock banded structure.

What are 2 types of metamorphism?

There are two main types of metamorphism:Contact metamorphism—occurs when magma contacts a rock, changing it by extreme heat (Figure 4.14).Regional metamorphism—occurs when great masses of rock change over a wide area due to pressure exerted on rocks at plate boundaries.

What are two types of foliation?

The various types of foliated metamorphic rocks, listed in order of the grade or intensity of metamorphism and the type of foliation are slate, phyllite, schist, and gneiss (Figure 7.8).

What is metamorphic foliation quizlet?

metamorphic foliation (p.235) the parallel alignment of platy minerals (such as mica) and/ or the presence of alternating, light-colored and dark colored layers. metamorphic grade (p.245)

What does Metasomatism mean?

Metasomatism is the process of altering the composition of a rock, either by the addition or subtraction of chemical elements. The term is usually reserved for subsurface processes and, as commonly used, excludes weathering and diagenetic processes.

Most foliation is caused by the preferred orientation of phylosilicates, like clay minerals, micas, and chlorite. Preferred orientation develops as a result of non-hydrostatic or differential stress acting on the rock (also called deviatoric stress).

What type of stress would cause foliation?

It is caused by shearing forces (pressures pushing different sections of the rock in different directions), or differential pressure (higher pressure from one direction than in others). The layers form parallel to the direction of the shear, or perpendicular to the direction of higher pressure.

What type of rock is marble?

limestoneMarble, granular limestone or dolomite (i.e., rock composed of calcium-magnesium carbonate) that has been recrystallized under the influence of heat, pressure, and aqueous solutions.