Why Didnt They Just Kill Zaheer?

Is Zaheer stronger than Aang?

As they are both powerful airbender, who would win.

Aang would won easily.

He had the other elements and the Avatar state to back him up.

He even has energy bendng to take Zaheer airbending away Even if Zaheer had his Friends and the Mercury Poison Aang would still won due to his great spirituality like every Avatar..

Why is Zaheer so powerful?

If we look at Zaheer we see him do it as a non-bender. He uses it as an extension of himself, in this case, making his legs longer (if that makes sense) and able to augment his bending so well this is what makes him so powerful, not the convergence.

How did Sokka died?

What exactly happened to Sokka? As frustrating as it is, the general consensus is that Sokka died of old age and natural causes between age 70 and 85. … He most likely died of old age, as neither Zuko or Katara seemed particularly angry at the Red Lotus in LoK.

Did Korra end the Avatar cycle?

Did Korra end the Avatar cycle? No. She began a new one. Unalaq and Vaatu ended the first Avatar Cycle, which began with Wan and continued for ten thousand years until Korra, when they ripped Raava out and destroyed her.

Who imprisoned the Red Lotus?

They planned to kidnap and brainwash her to open the spirit portals and release Vaatu, thus restoring the natural order of the world. He sent Zaheer and three others (Zaheer’s lover, P’Li and his friends, Ghazan and Ming-Hua) out to abduct her, but they were stopped and imprisoned by Sokka, Zuko, Tenzin and Tonraq.

How did Korra die?

She was told the poison would force her body into the Avatar State, enabling the Red Lotus to end the Avatar Cycle if they killed her in the Avatar State. … Despite her victory, Korra was left on the verge of death due to the poison within her.

Why did Korra cry when Jinora?

She had to recuperate for some time after the battle with Zaheer. Then Tenzin had remebered that Jinora wanted to have a tatoos because, she knew she was a master of airbending. At the ceremony of Jinora they annointed her then the camera changes to Korra and she all tired and exhausted then she just cries.

Why is Korra so sad at the end of season 3?

Korra cried at the end of season 3 because she believes Zaheer was was right to some extent.

Was Zaheer really going to kill the Airbenders?

Zaheer needed to capture Korra, and needed time for the poison to do it’s work in order for them to murder her while she was in the Avatar state. This would be easily foiled by a group of airbenders who could fly off rapidly to get reinforcements, and fly around scouting for where they were hiding with Korra.

Why didn’t they just kill the Red Lotus?

When the White Lotus first captured Zaheer and the Rest of the Red Lotus, why didn’t they bother killing them? They presumably committed a lot of heinous crimes, and it would destroy any chances of them escaping, which they end up doing anyway.

Who poisoned Korra?

mercuryWiki Targeted (Entertainment) Korra was poisoned with mercury in an attempt to force her into the Avatar State so the Red Lotus could end the Avatar Cycle.

Did Zaheer kill Korra?

He threw the Earth Kingdom into chaos by killing the Earth Queen and attempted to end the Avatar Cycle by killing Avatar Korra while she was in the Avatar State. This attempt failed and Zaheer’s comrades were killed, leaving him as the only survivor of their group of four.

Is Korra depressed?

Korra went through similar issues, such as doubting her ability to airbend, but at the end of the third season Korra was stricken with full-on depression.

Why was Korra a baby in the spirit world?

During her time in the spirit world, Korra reverts back to a child to represent her vulnerability and helplessness in the situation.

Why does Zaheer want to kill the avatar?

Zaheer wanted to end the Avatar. You can only do that by killing the Avatar in the Avatar State. If he killed Korra without her being in the Avatar State then the spirit will just be reborn and unable to go into the Avatar state until they mature. At which point Zaheer would be in the same boat as we was with Korra.

Why do they want to kill Korra?

With the White Lotus successfully raising Korra, the Red Lotus shifted plans. Instead of trying to convince the Avatar to join them in her adulthood, they decided to capture and eventually kill her while she was in the Avatar State, putting an end to the reincarnation cycle and further establish anarchy.

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